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A range of skincare products formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients to combat the problems of all skin types, offering a perfect base for applying make-up. The products combine ingredients that show immediate results with others that show their effects after 2 weeks of application. In order to maintain these results, we therefore recommend using the products twice a day - once before and once after make-up.

Objectives of the range

  • BEFORE: to prepare the skin before applying make-up, resolve any problems with the condition of the skin that the make-up artist may encounter when going to apply the make-up.

  • DURING: to offer greater comfort when wearing the make-up and longer-lasting wear.

  • AFTER: to treat the skin once the make-up has been removed, providing all of the vitamins and nutrients the skin is lacking. This will achieve two types of results: one that is immediate and another in the long term, if the product is applied on a daily basis. STAGE LINE PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP