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REF. 279.10

Hair follicle treatment serum, whose objective is to achieve the generation of young cells in the follicle, increasing the keratin synthesis capacity, and therefore to increase lash growth and also its thickness.

Acts directly on the hair follicle increasing the anagen phase of hair growth (formation and growth phase). Lenghtening this stage i sable to increase the growth of the lash and the number of lash in this period.

Reduces the number of lashes in catagen and telogen phases (regression phase) and accelerates the transition from telogen to anagen, which is teh time when the hair falls to give the appearance of a new one.

To accelerate this transition state ensures that the hair follicle to produce new hair follicle soon after the previous one has completed its life cycle.

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Producto de maquillaje

EYELASHES: After washing up your lid and lashes, apply the serum once a day in the evenings, the same way as an eyeliner, on the upper and lower eyelashes base. One or two stroke of the brush is enough. Apply every night.

EYEBROW: XXL Lashes may also be used to fill sparse eyebrows or bald patches.


BIOENERGIZER: Extract of hidroglicolic, from two seaweeds: Pelvetia Canaliculata  y Laminaria Digitata.

It is demonstrated that in hair growth affect physiological, physic and stress factors, caused primarily for environment. Laminaria Digitata: active ingredients contained in the extract of this seaweed have a stimulating effect on hair growth. They also have a regulating sebum activity. Next to the hair follicle, use to be associated sebaceous gland, excessive activity of this gland can adversely affect hair growth. For this reason the activity of this extract results in perfect balance to allow growth of hair.

  • Pelvetia Caniculata: the active ingredients in the extract make anti-stress activity. In this way we avoid that leave out external factors impede the proper hair growth.

FOLLICUSAN:Follicusan DP contains molecules biologically active such as:

  • PANTENOL: Provitamin B5. Epidermal and capillary regeneration. Protects, nourishes and smooths the eyelashes.

·         INOSITOL: Belongs to the group of vitamin B. The result is the hair strengthening

·         CISTEINE and METHIONINE: Essential aminoacids in the protein formation of the hair. Contribute to the increase of the thickness and strength of the hair.

·         MILK PROTEINE: It acts on the hair follicle by increasing cellular metabolism and therefore increases hair growth.

PANTENOL: Provitamin B5. Epidermal and capillary regeneration. In hair treatments it has an important activity on cell regeneration. Protects, nourishes and smooths the eyelashes.

VITAMIN F: Mixed linolenic and linoleic acids, essential fatty acids help cell regeneration and skin structure is reinforced.

HYLAURONIC ACID: Has a high absorption capacity and water retention, and thereby assists in moisturizing intensively the tissue and roots and the maintaining the elasticity of the skin in optimum conditions. It prevents the roots from drying out.